•       "Since working out with Marc, for 3 months now, I have lost weight, inches, and body fat.  He has really given me a serious boost in my fitness program.  I was running on my own, but I had hit a plateau.  He has opened a whole new world to me with his personal training skills.  I always enjoy my workouts with him no matter what mood I am in or how I am feeling, he knows how to make the time very rewarding for me! I look forward to seeing how my body changes as I continue working out with him.  Thank you Marc!"....Steph Kelley

  •      "Before working with Marc, I maintained an active lifestyle.  I had worked with multiple trainers who taught me the basic strength training and anaerobic exercises.  In my time working with Marc, he has taken my performance and skill set to the next level.  He pushes me physically with functional, yet challenging exercises that meet my fitness needs and goals.  He has applied his formal Mechanical Engineering background to the Mechanics of the Body, and his knowledge is second to none."....Dana Altemeyer

  •      "I have been training with Marc off and on for about 3 years.  Initially, I worked with him at LA Fitness and I work with him at his gym, Reecondition Fitness.  Marc's effectiveness as a personal trainer, and gym owner, can be measured in a number of ways.  First, his attention to detail in the design of Reecondition speaks to his knowledge of strength training and conditioning.  He has the equipment and setup he needs to fire up lung-crushing workouts that range from running suicides on the 30 yard turf to slamming ropes and jumping rope (TABATA-style!).  The suicides are brutal enough without one of the Reecondition weighted sleds, but Marc likes to get the sleds involved sometimes too, just for fun.  A second aspect of the unique experience provided by working with Marc at Reecondition is the way he can customize workouts to help you focus on whatever goal you may have.  Want to swim faster? He will focus your strength workouts to develop swimming-related muscles.  Want to run faster? He can do the same for running!  Just want to get stronger and leaner? He can design full body workouts to support general strength and promote body toning.  He's done all the above for me and we've never done the same workout twice! There are a bunch of other great things about working out with Marc, but I will only highlight a few more.  He works with your schedule and is very flexible.  There is a fantastic atmosphere in the gym to motivate your workouts and he keeps you focused on your goals."....Joe Martinelli

  •      "Over the past two months Marc has helped me push to places I didn't know I was able to reach.  Everyday coming up with new exercises that pushed me both mentally and physically.  I have become stronger, faster, more explosive, and flexible.  Most importantly though Marc has become a friend and I look forward to going into working out with him every chance I get.  Also, his facility is top notch and if anyone looking to improve themselves, athlete or non-athlete, Reecondition Fitness is the place to go."....Gui Earlywine, Junior College baseball player at Danville Area Community College

  •      "Marc Smith may be the most effective trainer in the city.  He believes enough to invest in his own center which had attracted some of the best trainers in the city.  He understands where you are on the journey and where you can and should go to personal strength and fitness.  He's the best!"....Don Altemeyer

  •      "Marc is one of the best.  He is very knowledgeable and committed to helping his clients achieve their goals.  Ever since I started working with Marc I have seen a significant improvement in my strength, flexibility, speed and overall wellbeing.  Marc's diverse training methods and individualized workout routines were key to attaining my fitness goals.  I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone, regardless of your level of fitness or goal."....Julius Taylor

  •      "His schooling at Purdue, combined with a variety of thoughtfully designed, creative, and challenging workouts allow me to consider Marc a "physical engineer."  Marc has the ability to both challenge and encourage by his use of "good, good, bring it" during the training session.  He has been training ne for several years, first at LA Fitness, and now at his own gym.  Reecondition is "ReeMarcable"....Bob Guffin

  •      "After 5 years of personal training at one of the major gyms I was introduced to Marc at Reecondition Fitness.  My training had become boring and I was not getting the results I wanted.  Marc's approach to training is everything but boring!  I look forward to the challenges he throws at me every training session.  I saw major results with STRENGTH, TONE, CARDIO VASCULAR ENDURANCE in a short period.  I recommend Reecondition Fitness and Marc if you are looking to improve your STRENGTH, TONE, and CARDIO"....Frank Pyle

  •      "This awesome photo is a result of a lot of work in the gym with the most awesome trainer ever--over 15 pounds lost! His professional, personable, and very knowledgeable in areas of strengthening and conditioning.  I truly enjoy my innovative workouts and his support in achieving my fitness goals! Commit today to make a lifestyle change at Reecondition Fitness!"....Dr. Carla V. Cork

  • "When I initially met with Marc at Reecondition Fitness, I told him every reason why working with a personal trainer would not work for me; I was over 40, I am an insulin dependent type 2 diabetic - and insulin is a fat storing drug, and finally and most importantly, I had weight - loss surgery and didn't lose any weight.

    He asked me to give his training a try and see what happens.  So I signed up for one 12 session package telling myself I would give him 12 sessions to see that I was a hopeless cause.

    I had been working out consistently for years and have even worked with personal trainers in the past, but even in the initial consultation Marc took the time to watch how I do different exercise and pointed out how I was doing different exercises incorrectly and explained how doing exercises correctly is as important as the quantity of the reps.

    After several months of working with Marc consistently, I am down several inches and pounds, I have more energy and am actually becoming addicted to working out.  I find myself finding different ways to work out in daily situations, like while I'm on a conference call in my cubical at work.  More importantly, health wise, I am taking half the dosage of insulin than I was 5 months ago.

    I have always felt that losing weight for me, is like running a marathon in the ocean, and although I don't lose weight as quickly and easily as some, seeing the progress in a few short months of working with Marc at Reecondition Fitness, gives me the hope and motivation to keep trying and pushing forward to "get better" as he always says."....Stephanie Berens